Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lab D - Self Defense 11-14-08

I should have added NO FIGHTING!
Lab D Self Defense
For me lab D was on Friday, I had decided to stay with the topic of self defense I taught for my lab C activity. I was nervous for Friday... I was not sure if my lesson plan was right, I wasn't entirely sure how the students would react to the activity, I felt like it wasn't really enough of a lesson, and I was worried about how it would effect my grade. Once my lesson started I began to relax, I adapted freeze tag to fit with the grabs we did during the last class that the students would need to use to break free from their attackers during the lesson. I think everyone enjoyed the tag game, I had Russ and a few others be the taggers, Russ had really high energy and I think was one of the reasons the game was successful. After the first round everyone wanted to play again so I had Russ be the tagger by himself, it worked great! Russ tagged everyone and then we moved on the the next activity... or most of the class moved on at least. Two students began "making out" in the corner. I went over and separated them and then finally got everyone on task with the "bad neighborhood activity" when all of a sudden Chris and Mike started fighting... o boy. After I finally got them to quit Eddie joined in and the fight restarted! :( It was very frustrating, here I am trying to explain a concept and a fight breaks out. I did my best to break up the fight and get the class back on topic but the class didn't remember what they were supposed to be doing. I had to explain the activity again and try to get the class motivated for the activity even though I could tell by the look in the student's faces that my activity was not as interesting as the boys fighting was. The class kept looking back to the guys to see if another fight was about to break out. The class did the activity for a little while, then I gave them a quiz. As the students were taking a quiz I though O NO!!!! I realized that my camera was still in my pocket! My technology for lab D was taking pictures and having the students post them to their websites... not taking any pictures would equal no technology. So I improvised. I had the students come back out onto the floor and go through a few more moves and then the cool down routine. Doing this ended up killing my time coding sheet. The end part where they were doing a few more moves and then the cool down breathing exercises counted as instruction, rather than activity which made the lesson contain too much instruction time and not enough activity time. Another thing that upset the time coding was the fight, it took a minute and 45 seconds, which was counted as management time causing an unbalance in the time coding.

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Stephen Yang said...

You did well in your lesson to keep it simple but it's amazing how a little fight can throw off the focus for both you and your students. Remember how the next time you need to get your student's attention - use your voice, whistle, noise and presence to intervene sooner.