Monday, September 22, 2008

Learning to learn differently

EDU 255
When you think about college and learning in general you think about, sitting at a desk, taking notes until your hand hurts, and trying to read everything to be confident in your content knowledge for the upcoming class. Usually you do not have to worry about this for day one, it is usually an easy walk through of what the class is going to be like. However in Yang's 255 class you better be ready to go! The first day we were video taped teaching our classmates a skill. This is panic mode for some... are we going to be graded? What are we supposed to concentrate on? We have to be videotaped? For me I was a little unsure, being in front of people does not bother me, but not knowing what to do does. Naturally I went right to the basketballs. I have been taped before but it was back when I used to play competitive sports, so it was completely different. When your playing a game your ready for it, you have worked hard and you know your skills are at there best. That day in 255 I knew that I was not ready for what was being asked. Can I teach someone how to dribble... yes, can I speak loudly and confidently in front of a group... yes, can I make up a public speaking speech and give it with out the teacher knowing I was making it up... yes. But, I am confident in my abilities to do so. Teaching is something I have not done before, and although I believe I will be a great teacher I do not believe that I have the skills to do so... YET. So teaching a skill to a class made up of my peers who already know how to do the skill (dribble a basketball) for some reason is difficult for me.
When you study for a test you know that you know the answers, but how do I know that I am teaching correctly? I could not stop wondering if I was doing it right, or if I was talking about the things I should have been.
Upon watching the video I realized that I need to stop worrying about all of that and concentrate on the task at hand, and be more enthusiastic about it. I also noticed that are many more things I need to work on to be an effective instructor.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More than gym


My name is Coach Graham! I believe that there is more to Physical Education than what the past "gym" classes have shown us. Physical Education is not simply about who can run the fastest, or hit the farthest. It is about teaching individuals to value being active.