Friday, November 14, 2008

Explorer Scavenger Hunt Assignment

Step count: 1048

Explorer Scavenger Hunt!

Our first clue was my favorite, it was "she's not a nickel, dime, or quarter, go find the clue and take a picture" Nickle, dime, quarter... Penny! So we went and had our picture taken with her.

We were all excited that we knew the answer to the question and raced down the stairs to find Penny. I think the thing I will take away from this lesson was the ability to change track quickly. The fire alarm went off and we were all outside DJ and Freddy kept the hunt going... way to think on your feet guys!

I can't really see myself doing this type of lesson because I think I the environment we were in students would just quit and not do the tasks. We did something like this when I was in ninth grade and the whole class left school and went to the park. Interdisciplinary instruction is important because it reinforces the material over and over again and the students end up taking more away from the experiences.

We were pretty active throughout the lesson but I think that a couple of us had not locked our heart rate monitors to us. We were all waiting outside and took our heart rates... we were around the 90 mark but our watches were much higher. For the most part I think having the step count and heart rate monitor were a great tool to assess our activity.

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