Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lab C day two

Today we taught the second part of our lab C, it didn't go as well as I would have liked but there isn't anything I can do about that now except to do better next time. We were in the field house this time and Eddie went first. Eddie went over the classroom rules and then choking from the front and from behind. When it was my turn I was really nervous because today's lesson was on punching and I had not spent much time on it. I didn't go over the classroom rules because Eddie had just done so, and when I started teaching the polar guy was talking about the heart rate monitors and I got confused. I just stood there until he was done and then had to get my brain engaged. I talked with Russ before the lesson and made sure he was comfortable with punching and then had him volunteer to be my demo. Instead of me trying to show the techniques I wasn't completely comfortable doing, I picked someone who had done it before and had him perform the task and I simply told the class the important cues of his actions. Then I had the students line up across from their partners and punch switching hands each time... this was NOT what I had planned. My plan was to go through making a fist, and then one hand punching, then the five count punching, then alternating at your own tempo... I completely forgot the first three steps! As I was going through making sure everyone was using the right techniques I realized that a few of the students didn't quite understand, so I decided to back track. I wanted to make sure that I gave each individual person feedback but what ended up happening was everyone just standing there punching for the first five and a half minutes. Then I got out the punching pads. I should have skipped them! When you pass out the punching pads, you have each person come over and do a respect bow, this took too long, and once we got back out to the activities, time was up. It would have been a better use of time if I had just done my closure instead of getting them out... I could have used them as my hook for next class.

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