Saturday, October 11, 2008

SUNY Cortland Mini Conference

Sepak Takraw

My first experience at the SUNY Cortland Mini Conference... All I can say is WOW!

There was so much enthusiasm and energy in Park Center during the mini conference! We started the day setting up D.J.'s Sepak takraw exhibit in the far gym then when to the main gym and met up with the rest of the 255 class. We had come up with a plan to enter the gym from the side doors, stomping into the gym with the Queen Rhythm stomp, stomp, clap, and singing: we will, we will, teach you. It was an idea our 255 class came up with the day before. After that we led the visitors in a warm up meeting all the people in the stands, and who can forget the sociables, and the standing ovations.

After the introduction speeches there was a really great key note speaker, who's speech left at least one thing with me... "There are no disabled people, we are all just differently abled". Then it was off to the activities. My favorite one was the cup stacking... Mainly because we got to keep the cups! But I also enjoyed the very informative polar lecture, and the exergames were pretty cool. The whole building had people running back and forth to all the exhibits it was really a fun experience and I look forward to next year’s!

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