Monday, October 13, 2008

Teaching Dribbling again

After teaching the first day of class I felt like I knew what I was talking about and I was confident in my abilities. Then I watched the video and realized that I had a lot of things to improve on. I was very excited when I learned that we were going to be able to teach our first lessons again. I felt that Michelle and I could do a really good job if we got another chance. After teaching basketball again I realized that I was correct in my assumptions. It was more fun teaching the second time, I understood what was expected a little bit more and knew what things to focus on. The only thing that was worse than teaching the first day was the fact that all the basketballs were flat! How do you teach dribbling when the balls don't bounce? I'll tell you how, you improvise. I had the students use the few basketballs that would bounce and then I had the rest of the students use volleyballs.
I think teaching the second time around worked much better, the students were focused in on our instruction, and listened to everything we said. I also learned the importance of the meanings of the words. For example, the first time I taught I told the students not to let the ball hit their palm but instead to dribble with their finger tips. In reality that's not what you want them to do at all. The students need to dribble with their finger pads. Luckily the students in the class understood how to dribble a ball and it wasn't an issue. I could tell the was a big difference between my day one and day two teaching which made me excited to see what was to come.

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