Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The Ultimate game! Part of our 255 teaching experience is working with others. Our class got together to teach an ultimate unit, this was a very interesting assignment. As a class We created on Unit plan, this ultimate, Ultimate plan was on google docs, so we could all access it and make changes to it. Then our class taught the lesson, the first person taught the easiest skill and then each person's task got more difficult as the lesson went on. It was really interesting to teach. just a part of the lesson, you had to make sure that your part fed off of the person before you and set up the next persons topic. I taught the class how to catch the disc on the tip of your finger, catch behind your back, and how to set up the stack drill. It was fun showing the class how to catch the disc in different ways, both ways can be used when your trying to outdo your opponent to catch the disc and move your team forward. The stack drill is very similar to the stack drill in soccer and basketball, and just as in theses sports... it works! The teams all understood the drill and performed it correctly but when they were playing against another team they didn't use the play which made me wonder if they truly understood the value and purpose of the drill.
A copy of the transcript of this lesson.

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